Kulu Mele on Tour

Kulu Mele on Tour

Kulu Mele performs year-round, across Philadelphia and around the world.

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David Harrison
Executive Director
(917) 238-0756

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Repertoire & Artist Fee Schedule

Mali Sadjo: Legend of the Hippopotamus – $6,000


Mali Sadjo is a dance-theater work choreographed by Kulu Mele artistic director Dorothy Wilkie. Set in the mythical Guinean village of Bafuable, it tells the story of a young woman who falls in love with a magical hippo. As part of Kulu Mele’s artistic investigation for this work, the company traveled to Guinea in 2008 for a two-week cultural immersion. A documentary film (five or 26 minutes) about the making of Mali Sadjo is available for screening at no additional cost. Mali Sadjo features a cast of 18 performers and runs approximately 60 minutes, not including intermission or supplemental film.

Mixed Rep, Full Company – $5,000

Kulu Mele’s extensive repertoire includes traditional/folkloric West-African and Afro-Cuban dances from Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Haiti, Cuba and beyond; and includes celebratory, sacred, spiritual, ritualistic and war dances, accompanied by live traditional drumming. Kulu Mele also performs contemporary American hip hop (and expresses the lineage from traditional to contemporary dance). Mixed repertory, full company performances can be highly customized to suit presenters’ preferences. They feature a cast of 15 to 18 performers and run approximately 60-75 minutes, not including intermission.

Mixed Rep, Touring Company – $4,000

Featuring much of the same repertory as full company performances, Kulu Mele’s touring company performances feature a cast of 10-12 dancers and drummers, who perform shows that run approximately 60 minutes, not including intermission.

Mixed Rep, Mini Performance – $3,000

Ideal for schools, libraries, museums and private functions such as weddings and corporate events, mini performances feature some of the same repertory as full company performances, run approximately 20-45 minutes (Presenter’s choice) without intermission, and feature a cast of 8-10 performers.

Philadelphia Mini Performance – $2,500

Mini performances as described above are available at a discounted fee at venues within approximately 50 miles of central Philadelphia.

Performance Extras

Interactivity/audience participation and educational components can be incorporated into any performance at no additional fee.

Workshops & Master Classes

Kulu Mele offers a wide range of participatory dance workshops and master classes in West African and Afro-Cuban dance and drumming, and hip-hop dance, for children age five and older, adults, and pre-professional and professional dancers. Workshops and master classes teach Kulu Mele repertoire and technique, and include explanation of the cultural origins and relevance of the movement, music, costumes and instruments. Workshops and master classes are customized according to the experience and skill level(s) of the participants, and Presenters’ wishes.

Enhanced Dance & Drum Workshop/Master Class – $750

90 minutes, two dancers and two drummers, up to 30 participants.

Dance & Drum Workshop/Master Class – $400

60 minutes, one dancer and one drummer, up to 30 participants.

Hip Hop Workshop/Master Class – $250

60 minutes, one dancer, recorded music, up to 30 participants.

Customized residencies are available

Travel Requirements

For all engagements at venues more than approximately 50 miles from central Philadelphia, all travel expenses are the responsibility of the Presenter. Travel expenses include long distance travel, local ground transportation in Philadelphia and the host community, lodging, and per diem at $50 per day, per traveler.

Technical Rider

Kulu Mele has toured worldwide for nearly 50 years, performing indoors and out at a wide range of venues from classrooms to major performing arts centers. In recent seasons, Kulu Mele has performed at BAM, The L.A. Music Center, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and officially for the Pope during his 2015 US tour. Kulu Mele is flexible and committed to meeting presenters’ needs.

To ensure the best possible experience for presenters, audiences and its artists, Kulu Mele requests the following:


Exclusive access to the stage at least three hours prior to the first performance, to load-in, focus lights, perform a tech rehearsal and conduct a sound check.

Exclusive access to the stage for at least 90 minutes following the final performance for load-out.


A venue representative who is readily available to Kulu Mele from the time of the company’s first arrival, until the time of its final departure.

Two highly qualified, experienced technical personnel who are familiar with the venue, to include one lighting technician and one sound technician, who are readily available from load-in through strike.


Minimum of 30 feet wide by 25 feet deep.


A stage floor that is flat, level and free of holes.

A sprung wood dance floor is strongly preferred.

A stage floor that is covered with a Rosco, Harlequin or Marley dance floor that is uniformly black, without holes or rosin and covering the entire stage deck, also is strongly preferred.

Rosco, Harequin or Marley floor should be laid prior to the arrival of Kulu Mele.

Marley tape or black gaff tapelines should run from stage left to right (not up and down stage).

Floor should be properly maintained, and cleaned prior to rehearsal(s) and performance(s).


Presenter should supply standard theatrical lighting equipment. n If Kulu Mele requests a specific light plot, Kulu Mele will supply it to presenter at least 21 days in advance of performance(s).

Kulu Mele must agree in writing to any changes to its light plot, once the plot has been approved by the presenter.

Presenter should supply a professional stereo sound system capable of being heard by all audience members at concert levels. n Presenter should supply an MP3 player with speakers (“boom box”) on stage for rehearsals and warm-ups.

Presenter should provide on stage, two vocal microphones and four stem/instrument microphones, all on stands, and five chairs without arms.

All equipment rental expenses are the responsibility of the presenter.

Dressing Rooms

Presenter should provide dressing rooms sufficient to accommodate all performers (approximately eight to 18 artists depending on the show).

Dressing rooms should be climate controlled, clean and in close proximity to restrooms with hot and cold running water.

Dressing rooms should be equipped with lights, mirrors, chairs, a professional garment steamer, iron, ironing board, wardrobe rack and hangers.

Dressing rooms should be reserved exclusively for use by performers (including Kulu Mele and other artists performing on the same program as Kulu Mele).


Secured storage must be provided for Kulu Mele’s instruments, costumes, equipment, supplies and the personal property of Kulu Mele’s performers (purses, cell phones, etc.)

Climate & Elevation

Performance, dressing and rehearsal areas should be climate- controlled between 74-78°F at all times.

Two oxygen bottles should be available to Kulu Mele at all times, at any venues where the elevation is above 5,500 feet.


Two hours prior to each performance, presenter should provide two approximately liter-sized bottles of water for each performer, chilled and in cooler(s) with ice.

For performances approximately 50 miles or more from central Philadelphia, presenter must provide a meal for all performers, after all performances.


Presenter should provide parking spaces for four Kulu Mele vehicles.

Contact Information

Dorothy Wilkie          David Harrison

Artistic  Director        Executive Director

kulumele@aol.com    kulumele@kulumele.org

267-252-6366               917-238-0756

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