Meet the Orishas

According to Wikipedia, Yoruba tradition often mentions 400 Orishas, which is associated with a sacred number. However, different aspects of Yoruba culture speak of many more. Six Orishas are represented in Ogun & the People. Please read on to meet them.

Ogun Photo

James Ali Wilkie as Ogun, an ironworker, laborer, hunter and warrior who wields a machete. He is the protector of his people.


Crystal Gatling as Oshun, the goddess of sweetness and love, who succeeds in returning Ogun to his people after a long absence by tempting him with dance and honey.

Elegba Photo

Bryant Lee as Elegba, the orisha of roads and doors, who stands at the crossroads of the human and the devine. Nothing can be done in either realm without his permission.


Ama Schley as Yemaya, the goddess of the ocean and rivers, including the River Ogun. Her name means "the mother whose children are the fish."

Shango Photo

Yusuf Young as Shango, the god of thunder and lighting, who is one of the most powerful and feared orishas.

Oya photo

Cachet Ivey as Oya, a fierce warrior and the ruler of storms and winds. She assists people with transformations. Her name means "she who tore."