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These are among the documents and tools developed through the Kulu Mele’s O&tP project, a forward-looking 50-year celebration and participatory practice. (There is also swag!) To purchase, participate, learn more, bring Kulu Mele to your school or community, for information about Kulu Mele classes and programs for young people and adults, and to keep up with what happens next with O&tP, visit www.kulumele.org Also, consider making a special 50-year donation in honor of Kulu Mele. Contact: kulumele50@kulumele.org / 484.202.0524.

Kulu Mele Commemorative Book
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Kulu Mele’s Ogun & the People: Celebrating 50 Years (1969-2019) Groundbreaking Kulu Mele history, transformative practice and relevance for this moment: 50+ voices show and tell African-centered vision, method and culture, affirming Black lives and many kinds of movement. 130 pages. Price of each product includes an additional $10 for shipping and handling. An additional 8% PA sales tax added at checkout.

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  • Coming Soon! $65 Hardback- plus $10 with shipping = $75

  • $35 Paperback- plus $10 with shipping = $45

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Coloring Book

The Story of Ogun & the People is a coloring book for all ages which shares the pataki (Yoruba parable). Illustrations for coloring by Damali Beatty, based on photographs of Kulu Mele in Cuba learning Ogun & the People. 12 pages + cover. $10.00 plus $5 shipping and handling = $15. An additional 8% PA sales tax added at checkout.

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This keepsake 2-sided poster elaborates the O&tP storyline and Kulu Mele’s real-life version of rebalancing the world with love (a 50+ year timeline). Two large-scale introductions to Kulu Mele’s culture, past/present/future. 38” x 19” (Available 11/30/19: Free to attendees of the premiere & historic performance.)

$10.00, plus $5 for shipping and handling = $15. An additional 8% PA sales tax added at checkout.

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